Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cookies for a Cure

Last night, I baked!

I'd been thinking about how I wanted to kick off this year's fundraising for a month or so and then I found the cutest cookie cutter, and I knew sugar cookies were the way to go! As I'd never made sugar cookies before (on my own), I was a little nervous. Anyone who has eaten my food knows I tend to be cautious in cooking to the point where everything turns out well-done. Cookies are no exception. I like to blame it on my great grandmother who served me many a crispy chocolate chip in my impressionable early days, but that excuse only goes so far.
The Beginning

So, I squared my shoulders, put my head down and got to business. And lo! Cookies were born! *An aside here: I never knew how many cookies one batch of sugar cookie dough could make. My final count was 116.

My Pink Cookie Army - Can you spot the "wounded soldier?"

Thank you, coworkers for donating to the cause for a sugary treat! This one fundraiser pulled in $47.50. Not a bad start toward my goal!

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