Friday, September 12, 2008

Things I've Learned On Day One

1. Always, always, always make sure the seat cover is up on the toilet
before you squat.

2. Moleskin is my friend.

3. Starting with yellow Gatorade, switching to blue then water, then
orange, then purple does not taste all that great at the end of 20.7

4. Although the brown Gatorade wasn't tasty, it did do the job...
Hardly any swelling at all!

5. After 20.7 miles, nothing feels as good as sitting in your pjs in a
lounge chair.

6. Getting emails at rest stops has got to be the best mood lifter
ever! (please don't stop sending them!)

Emotions are high here... It's an experience like none I've ever had.

More later!

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