Friday, June 27, 2008


Hello everyone!

OK, I couldn't take the Breast Cancer 3 Day's user interface any more... at least for posting stories and such. So, I decided to come on over here to Blogger (where I can do unusual things like make spaces between paragraphs! and highlight! and ... well, you get the idea) for sharing stories about my journey in preparing to walk 60 miles in three days and raising a minimum of $2200.00. I'm not dogging The 3-Day people, I know they have much more important things to do (like, you know, raise money to abolish this horrible disease), I'm just saying I'm picky about my formatting.

Please feel free to stop by any time! I plan on posting at least a couple times a week as well as other helpful and (probably) not so helpful advice from time to time. I'll also still be sending out my (almost)bi-weekly newsletters, but they will be more of synopsis than full detail reports, so if you'd rather just get those you still will.

But here is where you'll find the good stuff. :)

Make yourselves at home, and feel free to comment when the mood strikes!

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